4DD Studios works with designers, engineers, architects and directly with end customers to create sculptures, exhibits and themed environments. We utilize state of the art equipment and software. Because of this, our creations not only meet rigid design parameters but exceed the expectations of each and every client we serve. Our in-house capabilities include 3D laser scanning, model rendering, CNC routing (computer numerical control) and plural plastic hard-coating. Paired with our cutting edge equipment, our staff has experience in a variety of media including, but not limited to: clay, resin, fiberglass, concrete, gypsum, wax, wood, steel and foam (both expanded polystyrene and urethane).

The most important tool in our industry is talent. Built upon a foundation of highly skilled artists and craftsmen, our staff has advanced their development through formal training. Our talent pool is polished with an impressive list of degrees and ongoing education including:

  • Masters of Fine Art with concentrations in new media, sculpture and painting
  • Multiple Bachelors of Fine Art with concentrations in graphic design and industrial design
  • Multiple Bachelors of Art with concentrations in computer animation and painting
  • Bachelor of Industrial Design

To see what types of services we can provide, please visit our services page.

4DD Studios is located in Roanoke VA, close to air, rail and highway hubs, allowing for ease of transport throughout the mid Atlantic and the rest of the nation.


Sean Greene, Dallas Zoological Society

“My experience with 4DD Studios has been excellent. They have a tremendous attention to detail and a desire to ensure their work is pleasing to the client. In the zoo profession, it’s not easy to find quality animal statues that aren’t bronzed. 4DD Studios can create colorful, life-like animal images that are a great fit for zoos and aquariums.”

Al Jones Exhibits Curator: Graphics and Presentations Division, The Pentagon, Department of Defense

“The challenge of fabricating this very unique design was met with an advanced level of creative insight and understanding, delivering a first class product. {4DD Studios’} innovative approach in fulfilling the exhibit’s design requirements and courteous attention to detail, insuring accuracy of the exhibit’s installation. ”