CNC Routing / Milling: Wood, Plastic and Foam

  • State of the art equipment in conjunction with advanced software enables us to produce accurate reproductions, sculptures and prototypes.

3D Laser Scanning

  • With our 3D Laser Scanner and combined CAD/CAM Systems, we can replicate objects, scale them and make necessary changes.

Custom-Made Animatronics

  • Animals, dinosaurs, mascots…we have the ability to build to your specifications with custom movements, sounds, and voices.

2D to 3D Model Conversions

  • From photographs to company logos, we can turn virtually any image into a 3D model with endless scalability.

Realistic Painted Sculptures

  • Our sculptures are custom finished to your specifications with anything from raw primer to faux finishes or painted true to life.

Custom Themed Interiors and Exteriors

  • We can fulfill any theming need, from concept to installation.

EIFS Foam Shapes

  • We can provide custom EIFS shapes to match existing architecture or to enhance any building’s design.

Moldings and Castings

  • 4DD Studios can create custom molds from a variety of materials to meet the demands of any project.

3D Faux Panels

  • We provide a variety of 3D faux panels designed to enhance any theme. Advantages include being fire retardant, light weight and weather proof for indoor or outdoor use. Best of all, this allows the representation of materials that due to code may not have be permitted.

Signs and Logos

  • Going far beyond the capabilities of traditional routed, vacuum formed and sand blasted signs, our state-of-the-art technology allows us to turn any sign, logo, emblem, or otherwise 2D design, into a unique custom made 3D object.